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  • Shaligram Laminates Pvt. Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of wide range of High Pressure Laminates Products: Decorative Laminates Sheets, All Colour Cores, Exterior Grades, Industrial (Compact) Laminates. It offers high quality Laminates for Commercial, Residential & Industrial application. Backed with all the quality standards Like ISO, ISI etc.
  • Shaligram Laminates greatly emphasizes on the product manufacturing from selecting the designs, raw materials to finishing for providing and delivering the best products which is the reason Shaligram Laminates over the years has grown as an interior infrastructure solutions provider in India.
  • Shaligram Laminates has become an epitome of specializing and offering range of HPL laminates worldwide. Every manufacturing phase at Shaligram Laminates has to pass through its stringent quality check measures to provide you with unfailing, robust, environment friendly and lastingly beautiful products.
  • Shaligram Laminates Pvt. Ltd. is a benchmark for Quality, Integrity and Craftsmanship that remains committed to creativity and agility to better serve its clients. The Shaligram Laminates Pvt. Ltd. team is constantly and dedicatedly working to diversify its product portfolio, expand its knowledge base, and forge worldwide relationships in today's global marketplace.
  • The company is updated and equipped with the latest technology and methods. Our Professional methodologies of manufacturing and production backed by international standards and customized ERP SYSTEMS keep a track and record of all the steps and processes. This minimizes the errors and defects in the process of production to a great extent. We are always open to adopt & upgrade all the latest technologies as and when available in the market to maintain the quality standards.
  • Shaligram Laminates thrives to revitalize the market plagued by inconsistent quality and stagnant designs. We excel and dominate the market by providing consistent, world class quality laminates, ensuring that the range of products is always of the highest possible standards and long-term relationship with its clients.
  • Anticipating industry needs and swiftly adapting to economic volatility, Shaligram Laminates Pvt. Ltd. is a key strategic market player for Industrial Laminates manufacturing. With quality, innovation and commitment, Shaligram Laminates looks forward to your continued support and business and keep decorating your lives with even more luminosity.


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